A day planner and organizer to boost your productivity and get control over your days

Manage your goals, todos, life, health and habits at one place with Better Today

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Better Today app personal productivity dashboard screenshot for mobile and web

Take control of your day

so that you can spend your time & mental energy on things that are important to you instead of mindlessly cruising through the day

Record everything

Record every aspect of your day with the memory and gratitude journals, todos with timers and customizable trackers. When you look back, you can always analyse each day to find patterns for success.

Available everywhere

Use Better Today, wherever you are. Use it on both desktop and mobile browsers or on your Android and iPhones. If you spend time on laptops, checkout the new tab replacement plugin for your browser.

Privacy first

You are always in control of your data. You can hide stuff or delete it permanently from the app. To securely store your information, we use Google's infrastructure and communicate only over https.

Are you paying attention?


People with written goals are 10x more successful


Happy workers are 12% more productive


Your productivity drops by upto 68% if you feel overwhelmed


Recommended work interval to overcome procrastination

From overwhelmed to a mindful control of your day

Gratitude Journal in Better Today

Set and achieve goals

Never lose sight of your personal north star

Better Today lets you create, manage and track smart goals. These goals ensure that you never lose focus of what is important in your life.

  • Create unlimited Goals
  • Set due dates, success criteria, custom icons etc
  • Create todos to achieve your goals
  • Watch the progress of your goal as you complete the todos

From todo to done

Declutter your mind and focus on one task at a time

Put all your tasks in the easy to use and always available todo system

  • Declutter your todos by automatically hidings tasks that are not due today or that depend on other tasks
  • Log times for each task to track what you achieved each day
  • PRO Focus on one task at a time using an easy to use Pomodoro timer
Todos in Better Today
Gratitude Journal in Better Today

Embrace happiness through gratitude

Saying thank you makes you a happier person

Research says that ability to notice the positive things in your life can be developed by reflecting on the good things in your life and expressing your gratitude to them.

  • Create unlimited gratitude entries
  • PRO Upload photos to make your journal entries colorful and visual
  • Add it on desktop or your mobile, you can always jot down the entries

Turn moments to memories

Every day has many beautiful moments, how many do you remember?

Keep track of all the important moments of today so that they become precious memories for tomorrow and remind you what an awesome life you already have

  • Create unlimited memories
  • PRO Upload photos to make your memories more visual
  • Get a beautiful view of your memories whenever you want
memories in better today
Trackers in Better Today

Track your progress as you become a better version of you

Build lasting habits by tracking the things that are important to you

Whether you want to track your fitness, health, productivity or just develop another habit, customize the trackers to suit your needs

  • Configure 5 trackers to track either repetitions or any value
  • PRO Create unlimited trackers
  • Go beyond the daily variations and focus on long term and short term trends

Relive your yesterdays

A walk down the memory lane is just one click away

Whenever you want to remember what you did on a certain day or just scan through your yesterdays… we have a beautiful screen to help you navigate your yesterdays.

  • Overall trends and streaks of tracking
  • Day wise view of your memories, gratitudes, todos and trackings
  • Update your entries or clean up the ones that don’t matter anymore
Yesterdays in Better Today
Chrome extension for Better Today

Out of sight, out of mind

Browser's new tab replacement extension for effortless focus on your north star

Research shows that the more number of times you review your goals and tasks, the probability of achieving it increases proportionately. It is called affirmations.

For this, we created a β€œNew tab” replacement extension for Chrome (more browsers coming soon) that lets you review your day every time you open a new tab.

You don’t have to open a new app or visit a website. Everytime you open a new tab, you get reminded about what is important for you

Take back control of the day and your life

Get instant access to your personal and private productivity hub. Click a suitable button now.

Better Today is better with Better Today PRO

Tools and resources to make you more productive and mindful throughout the day

Simple plan: $2.99 per month or $29 per year. Cancel anytime.


Unlimited memories entries

Unlimited gratitude entries

Unlimited todos


Automatic and unlimited backups

Mobile apps for Android and iOS

Chrome new tab replacement plugin 

Custom trackers 

Photos in memories

Photos in gratitude

Pomodoro timers in todos

Use your own motivational quotes

Priority support through email





$2.99 pm

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