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Announcing version 2.0 of Better Today

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Better Today version 2 gives you the ability to set, schedule, track and manage your personal goals, it declutters your todos, improves habit tracking and improves performance of mobile apps.

New feature: Personal goals

Manage goals with Better Today
Goals in Better Today

Dreams don’t come true, goals do

Whenever you want to achieve something, anything… it all starts with a goal in your head and small, regular, consistent tasks that you do to achieve that goal.

Better Today makes it easier to setup your goals, break it into smaller tasks, manage and track those tasks and show you how close you are to achieving that goal.

Improved feature: Decluttered todos

Details of a todo in Better Today

Not everything that needs to be done, needs to be done today

You are a busy person. You need to work on the tasks assigned by your boss, buy milk for your child, take your child to the dentist in the evening and then remember to exercise and eat healthy.

Better Today gives you a simpler way to plan, manage, track and schedule the tasks of the day.

Some improvements to todos that are available in this version are:

  • You can add more details, due dates, expected time to spend and so on for each todo
  • Todos can have a due date. All todos that are not due today are hidden away under Future tasks.
  • Todos can have a “Do this after” task. This hides a todo until you complete the todo that needs to be done before it
  • You will see four groups of todos:
    • Overdue tasks – tasks that are past their due date
    • Today’s tasks – tasks that you should be working on today
    • Future tasks – tasks that don’t need your immediate attention goes there
    • Completed tasks – tasks that you have completed today
  • For todos you can set a daily target. By default, your daily target is to complete 3 todos daily

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved habit tracker on mobile.
  • Now you can record entries for older dates directly from the screen where you make new entries to habit trackers
  • Major overhaul of the iPhone app. Fixed all known issues.
  • Multiple small bug fixes and improvements
Gunjan Karun

Gunjan Karun

Gunjan Karun is the creator of Better Today, co-founder of SmartAxiom Inc, a decentralized IoT Security company and founder of Quadralyst a technology partner company for IT startups.

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