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Knowledge base

Useful articles for common tasks in Better Today


  • Getting started with Better Today web apps
  • Getting started with Better Today mobile apps
  • How to install the Chrome browser plugins
  • How to upgrade to Pro
  • Why upgrade to Pro

Memory journal

  • How to create new memories
  • How to edit memories
  • How to delete memories
  • How to review old memories

Gratitude journal

  • How to create new entry
  • How to edit entry
  • How to delete a gratitude entry
  • How to review old entries


  • How to add tasks in Todos
  • How to update tasks in Todos
  • How to delete tasks
  • How to rearrange the order of tasks
  • How to use Pomodoro timer to focus on one task at a time


  • How to add a new entry in trackers
  • How to update or remove tracker entries
  • How to customize trackers
  • How to remove a tracker
  • How to add a new tracker
  • How to see the trend and streak chart

Motivational quotes

  • How to personalize the Motivational quotes
  • How to add new quotes
  • How to delete existing quotes
  • How to update existing quotes
  • How to change the speed at which motivational quotes change


  • How to add new bookmarks
  • How to update the bookmarks
  • How to delete the bookmarks

Coming in v 1.1

  • Smart Goals
  • Smarter Todos with icons and color codes
  • Filter todos based on icons, colors or goals
  • Integration with Asana
  • Integration with Todoist
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements